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May 11th, 2021

There Is No Clean Slate

Infighting Among Anti-trafficking Groups

Slate wrote an article about the challenges of the expanding anti-trafficking organizations. They focused on OUR, Operation Underground Railroad.

This is my reply.

We all come to the table flawed, but also with strengths and weaknesses. Maintaining an ongoing, robustly financed organization is not an easy task. And due to the American culture of entertainment, there is a significant sector of the population worldwide that will never become aware of or be moved to the willing chair without reality show tactics.

One hundred eighty-two traffickers arrested is not an insignificant number; however, it is a small percentage worldwide.

Aftercare is important; however, organizational disruption is a vital element. So is the intelligence that comes from these disruptions.

As someone that was trafficked, a disruption in the triangulation of the traffickers on me, gave and has given me opportunities to get one step ahead of the bad guys.

I have noticed a recent push by the McCain Institute to discredit conspiracy within the anti-trafficking community;

“conspiracy theorists co-opting anti-trafficking messaging hinder”

I responded;

“I feel your disregard for conspiracy when the whole of trafficking is fought with conspiracy [and with conspiracy] being [one] main component [of trafficking] is troubling…instead of down talking a large group of people struggling with trust and truth, be proactive.”

It sometimes feels like the “established” trafficking organizations are closed exclusive groups, and some are. But a majority are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the criminal enterprises. I know this from experience.

We need organizations that are good and specialize in takedown operations. We need organizations that are good at training and technical assist. We need organizations that are good at intel gathering. These groups may or may not be good at the rehabilitation and trauma processing that makes for a better recovery and escape.

Instead of excluding specialized training and focus, the trafficking community must do better at utilizing ALL assets.

Please check out Eliza on Twitter. She is focused on forcing Twitter to implement a simplified reporting system for child porn, i.e., child rape…




Jan 21

John Doe was 13 years old.

He was trafficked.

His abuse was watched 167,000 views and 2,223 retweets on Twitter.

Twitter told Doe that it didn’t violate their terms of service.

Twitter sued for allegedly refusing to remove child porn.


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