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January 24th, 2021

Facebook Disabled My Account On The Day My Dog Died.

I have spent the day cleaning my email account that is used to login to Facebook. I saw no recent communications from Facebook.

I did note that communications stopped from Facebook on 11/12/2020. They regularly provide me new opportunities to spend on my business account.

It does appear to be a glitch. I have reached out to Facebook with the kindly help of Autumn with the Twitter handle of @artemushes.

I do realize the whole account may have been deleted through the glitch, which would be very sad. However, I am hopeful Facebook is required to hold accounts for law enforcement for a period of time. If they are not required to do that. I will lobby for that procedure to be put into place.

Please comment here because you can’t there. And your prayers mean a lot. I’d love to read them below.

Truly Yours,

Julia Joanne

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