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January 4th, 2020

Recap Report: Meeting With Neurology Team

Medical teams have realized that I am accustomed to being told my itinerary. And we are moving forward very well to my perspective. I could not do this without my medical and support teams. I thank each and every one of you. And appeal to God that your paths are brushed by Angels and the best of spirits surround you.

Names may be changed to protect identities.

Today, I had an appointment at OHSU with Dr. Dogan. Dr, Dogan entered the theater with the statement to Jeff, “Are you her bodyguard?” Everyone in the medical transport agreed that it was a strange statement. I did not realize at the time how strange a statement it was. Nor do I think Jeff realized how strange a statement that was. However, I have not asked Jeff if that was a strange statement from the medical staff members. I might as well note now that Dr. Dogan yielded his position as the lead neurosurgeon.

Allow me to outline my day in detail. I consider a timeline record to be the best choice in descriptive dialogue.

I woke my usual time at 4AM. I made a good morning video. My skin appearance was OK. My hair was not appropriate. My eyes were still red from crying. I am super not comfortable with addressing my brain tumor. It was supposed to kill me a long time ago, and I do not understand why it has not. During the night I called Dr, Brown in an emotional state. He did the right thing and left me to cry. It is OK to cry. And emotional duress is a normal response to a brain tumor. I cried myself to sleep.

Jeff contacts me during the morning. I explain that I am unable to dress and functionally communicate. My only focus is to show up. I have been told we need to document for Oregon my medical condition to move forward. My plan proper attire, nothing more. I am unable to function beyond this plan.

Getting dressed is very complex for me. I do not understand my clothes, I cannot find my clothes. I do recall from GSU what matching clothes are and use my work experience to put together a black outfit.

My driver Bob. arrives early. I am ashamed that I am not put together. I am rude. I know I am rude and try to recover. I am frightened by Bob. I do not know him. I understand this and try to make nice with Bob. I ask Bob if he knows that I seizure, he says yes. That signals to me he has at the very least been briefed. I secure the world’s smallest compound and submit myself to Bob’s care.

There were other people in the transport. I have documentation and her release for publication. I will share when I am comfortable with my travel companions. At the present time, I am not OK with sharing.

I arrive at OHSU. Jeff recognizes my voice and greets me.

I take a cigar break that I really do not need to assess Jeff. I assess Jeff as a nonthreat. We venture together into OHSU neuroscience world. We wonder together how many have brain tumors.

I could write a lot of detail, but I am going to cut to the bone. For a consultation and a meeting of the minds, inappropriate tests were performed by Dr. Dogan’s subs. The touch performed by Dr. Dogan’s aid sent me into a seizure. I was completely unable to communicate by the time Dr. Dogan arrived.

I have never met Dr. Dogan before he was not the person I knew as Dr, Dogan in my previous visit.

I do not wish for Dr. Dogan to touch my brain. What I want is the pressure released while we research. I respectfully accept Dr. Dogan’s resignations He will be missed from the team.

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