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April 16th, 2020

Lawless Miscreants!

Found! Stolen speed limit sign and kids safety flags!

Editors Note: Kimberley Miller said I was censored for using the word Morons. My first choice word was miscreants. However, the road leading into Pacific City has spray-painted, ” Go Home Portland, Moranz” Therefore, I chose morons instead of miscreants as the title. I have changed the title to better reflect Pacific City’s tourism preference.

Looking for the rightful owners and any information about the theft of a homemade 25 MPH sign and Two Step2 Kid Alert Visual Warning Signal Driveway guards. There was also a No Parking sign and post.

How crude it is to steal nicely homemade speed limit signs, and child alert driveway guards? It is exceedingly crude! What is worse, whoever stole the items did not utilize them. They dumped them at the Cloverdale boat ramp. Sad!

If you have any information please contact The Julia Clark Organization 503-714-8885 or email Tips@JuliaClark.org

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