Dear Ms. Sebert*,

Thank you very much for standing ground. The natural virtue it takes to not succumb to the back room deals is courageousness.

Every female artist of significance and some male artist of significance that are with Sony have been raped. Your stepping forward is very important. Your voice is the only voice that has found its way out.

I am a little worried to write this testament, but hopefully, I am so far in the shadows that it will not get even a glimmer.

But maybe, I’ll post it under a misnomer, just to be on the safe side.  But what I am more worried about is mentioning, “he that we cannot mention”

Dr. Luke is not the only miscreant. We all know that. And though Dr. Luke is a culprit, in a way he is just taking and deflecting bullets for the one we cannot say the name. For all the “love” and “beautiful”, that is one sick sadistic monster.  

I hope you see this, but do not hang my hat on such hopes. I’ll post it in some of the old haunts, but those, I am sure are mostly cold by now. I am putting this to the universe as my show of support, gratitude, and admiration of your moral compass. .  

With Warm Regards,

Ms. Clark

*I looked up your full name in case you used a different name other than your own professionally. And to some extent you do, Ke$ha. However, Ke$ha was so close to your given name Kesha that I felt more comfortable with Ms. Sebert because this is very personal gratitude and a testament to you as an individual woman whistleblower.


Julia Clark – Look here! Occupy Portland snagged my quote and…

Look here! Occupy Portland snagged my quote and cleaned it up to their PC world. They knew I was right but just were scared to speak the TRUTH… Here are the two quotes. 1) Julia Clark Richard Grover How is this really different from Anonops, Godlikeproductions, reddit, or /b/? >>>> “One man had a shirt that said “Love is the answer,” and he was thrown out. Trump’s comment on this man was, “And love is very important but I mean, who’s making love to that guy?” And my stomach churned. A few minutes later,

Source: Julia Clark – Look here! Occupy Portland snagged my quote and…


Creative Analysis of Sean and Sandy Anderson’s hand over to the FBI February 11, 2016

Analysis of Sean Anderson and Sandy Anderson’s surrender to the FBI.


For educational purposes. Fair Use

Creative Analysis of Sean & Sandy Anderson’s Handover to the US FBI and the Corporate State as orchestrated by Gavin Siem.
Gavin Seim.
Liberty activist, Portraitist, Pictorialist, Author –

The song that Sean played during the handoff was “Sgt. MacKenzie.” “Sgt. MacKenzie” is a lament written and sung by Joseph Kilna MacKenzie.
The original pipe score was written and played by Seoras Wallace when Joe MacKenzie read his poem to him and Tu-Bardh Wilson in a house in Govan many years ago. The original recording is on the ClanWallace live album and it was this recording that inspired Randall Wallace and Mel Gibson to contact Seoras about using the track on the film We Were Soldiers (2002).

Sadly, Joe MacKenzie passed away on April 28th, 2009 in Scotland.
Flowers of the Forest – Joe Kilna McKenzie

Stop the TPP

We need trade policies that benefit me and my family, not just the CEOs of large multi-national corporations.

Stop The TPP

Stop The Corporate Coup. Stop The TPP

Stop the TPP

What I find humiliating is that the 2 major water profiteers, Nestle & Crystal Geyser, corporate headquarters and located in Switzerland and Japan! They are not even U.S. Corps ripping off our water

Presidential Bubble

What Is The Presidential Bubble? And Why Is It A Concern.

What Is The Presidential Bubble?

And Why Is It A Concern.

Defining Presidential Bubble

The phrase “Presidential Bubble” was coined in 1983 by a President’s son. He used it as a polite euphemism when avoiding getting “stuck in the presidential bubble.” It came into the mainstream media view in the 1993 presidential campaign as “security bubble.” The Presidential Bubble and Security Bubble are interchangeable for the most part, anyone could have a security bubble issue. However, the presidential bubble defines the president’s security bubble issue.

What is a security bubble?

To most people who have not experienced life behind a security team, it might be dismissed as, “Well, it is just the security detail around a person.” But a security bubble is more than just the security team’s detail. It is the environs created by that security detail. It contorts the view of the world beyond the encompassing secured environs.

What is the Presidential Bubble?

Some people can leave their security bubble safely if they wish, others cannot. The president cannot leave his security bubble. Doing such is unfathomable. Essentially, the president of the USA is the property of the USA. Therefore by default, whatever forces flex might, have control over the president’s environs. Mitigating the contorted view from inside the presidential bubble becomes a necessity, especially when the US has effectively undergone a conglomerate corporate coup.

It should be noted that the presidential security bubble extends to presidential candidates, since 1968 when a presidential candidate was shot. And often presidential candidates come from governors and senators with varying degrees of security bubbles already in place. One recent president grew up as the son of a CIA director, vice president, and president. In essence, spending much of his life within a security bubble. A security bubble was his norm.

What are the observations about the presidential bubble?

One president’s concern about the presidential bubble was losing accessibility and the restrictions of the presidential bubble. “Being shut down” by the presidential bubble even before fully engaged in the presidency. Though politely and very diplomatically, he spoke of the presidential bubble in a hostile manner, stating that the security personnel were putting pressure on him to limit his accessibility. This president was also subject to staff pressures curtailing his accessibility. Accessibility is not personal issue, it is a freedom of information issue. The presidential bubble creates a separatism from common interactions and a filtered reality that may or may not be true.

This president expounded on the separatism issue in the same interview prior to entering office, noting that there are places restricted from him as president. The trepidation in his discourse eluded that this was not his idea. Further, in the interview this president pointed out the isolation from constituted environs. He elaborated that as president “you live in the White House, you go to Camp David where there is nobody else there, you go around in an armored car, and you fly in Air Force One.” He confided that it was his belief the Presidential Bubble was why his predecessor did not know key factors that contributed to his win.

His choice of words highly suggested a subject/handler relationship with his staff and security detail, which leads into another president’s struggle with the presidential bubble. This particular president had lawsuits brought against his administration because of the false reality created for that president. The lawsuits implicated the secret service as the culprit. Which brings the question: are the misbehaviors of the Secret Service as of late conflicting ethics symptoms?

This particular president had spent much of his life within a security bubble of varying degrees. As a young person, he would have been taught to rely on and trust those administrating his and his family’s security bubble. Where other people might show concern that an environment entirely created by staff might pose some problems, for someone growing up in such a security bubble, it would be the most proper ethical choice and show earnestness by relying on chiefs of staff and national security advisers for morning briefings and choosing to disregard news and other sources for information.

Another president stated he was keenly aware of the presidential bubble and was going to take steps to prevent its encompassing and its environs. This president gives examples of the extensive containment he experiences in the presidential bubble. He stated that he is able to “sneak off” every once in a while. However during these excursions the bubble expands, streets are blocked off, security details scramble, and a horde of officers on foot and bicycle go forth in whichever direction. This president’s concern was his loss of anonymity, the ability to interact with people outside the official chains. He even compared sneaking off to that of a circus bear breaking its chains.

The Concerns Of The Presidential Bubble

Corporate media spins the concerns about the Presidential Bubble to downplay it, often making the bubble just a personal issue of a president. Downplaying it also seems to be a tool used by the presidential bubble facilitators as shown by a president when he said to a reporter, “there have to be ways for the president to stay in touch with the pulse of America. It’s not just that I enjoy it, although I do.”

A president’s feelings in this matter are not as important as the gas-lighting effect and, even more important, the vulnerabilities of exploitation that the presidential bubble produces. It is a concern for you and me because of the handler/subject relationship and the ability to install fraudulence into the president’s perception.

Losing accessibility

This one should be familiar to most all people, it is a red flag of an abusive relationship. Not being able to freely communicate both to and fro with people as one sees fit can seriously hamper informal supportive relationships, as well as impede frank discussions. It also assists in creating a fraudulence in perception around the president. In other words, a very contorted presidential bubble.

Environment created by staff

This concern contains some of this red flag of an abusive relationship; controlling movements and relationship by a significant other. Combining this with losing or limiting accessibility, it can create the environment that was able to facilitate protesters being placed out of sight of the president.

Losing Anonymity

With the unavoidable loss of anonymity at any level, with every movement watched and monitored as president. The loss of anonymity can be one of the biggest concerns. One president voiced concern and put it this way, “ways that I can keep in touch with people and accommodate their security concerns” “Their” being the bubble apparatus. This president continued and empathized with another president explaining, “[another president] wanted to do a good job and I think really missed the level of misery and anxiety people had” because the presidential bubble contorted the view outside of the presidential bubble.

To effectively be President or most any other head of state, one must be able to analyze and control the security bubble. The Presidential Bubble of the USA is especially hostile. Recognizing and taking counter actions against those who plan to hold hostage The Presidency is of utmost importance.

The Presidential Bubble needs to be recognized for what it is.

The platform of how a candidate plans to address the concerns and dangers of the presidential bubble must be forefront. Such an important issue and concern should not be and cannot be allowed to be white-washed or downplayed by corporate media.


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